Peer Review

Manuscripts submitted to R&D undergo rigorous peer review (except for book reviews, which are reviewed by the editors). After a first screening by the editorial office and the journal’s editors regarding formalities, academic quality and suitability, each submission is sent to at least two expert reviewers for their assessment of the article (double anonymous). Authors will be requested to revise their contributions based on the reviewers’ comments as well as remarks by the editors.

R&D is committed to ensuring transdisciplinarity, internationality and diversity in the review process. In terms of transdisciplinarity, it is the journal’s policy that the reviews of an article are carried out from different disciplinary perspectives. One of these would typically be the same as the author’s discipline. For policy & practice notes, at least one reviewer will have a policymaker’s or practitioner’s background. To ensure internationality, the journal aims to have the contributions reviewed by experts from different contexts. In terms of diversity, we inter alia aim to include both senior and junior scholars in the review process as well as ensuring diversity in terms of gender.