Southern Africa Regional Forum on Religion and Covid-19

Regional Forum on Religion and Covid-19: Implications for Development Cooperation with Religious Communities in Southern Africa

22 August 2022 | Virtual + University of Pretoria

Religious and Faith communities play a critical role in development, particularly in response to health crises, this forum is intended to bring together leaders of Religious and Faith Communities, Multilateral representatives, Academia and Governments from the Southern Africa Region to discuss key lessons from the Region’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and crystallising the role of Religious and Faith communities in sustainable development efforts.

The Regional Forum discussions will focus on key lessons from the responses of the Southern Africa Region to the Covid-19 pandemic, including how the pandemic has impacted communities; the manner in which preventative measures were dealt with at local level; and the role played by faith and religious communities. Furthermore, the discussions will dwell on strategies that can be implemented to enhance the role of religious and faith communities as development actors; and to improve development cooperation with religious and faith communities.

The event will be hybrid, with the physical participants gathering at the University of Pretoria EMS Research Hub, corner Lynnwood Rd. and Roper Str., Hatfield, Pretoria; and virtually via Zoom.
All participants (those attending in person and those attending virtually) need to register before 15 August 2022.

For more information on the event and for registration:
This event is supported through The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD), a body which convenes governments, multilateral entities, civil society, especially religious and faith-based actors, and academia in a safe space providing continuity for dialogue, learning, and collaboration to better inform policy and practices in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

For any further information please contact Cosmo Mapitsa at; +27(0) 79 403 4402. For registration related questions, please email


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