Parallel Sessions III

Parallel Session 3a
Chair: Monzer, Nora Laetitia

Trotta, Susanna:
Local faith actors and the migration-development nexus: a review of the literature

Fischer, Lara:
Integrating Gender Equality into international humanitarian aid and sustainable development interventions. A case study of the use of Gender-Sensitive Programming by different actors in the Ninewa Plains, Northern Iraq

Parallel Session 3b
Chair: Öhlmann, Philipp

Awudi, Emmanuel:
An Investigation into the role of Eco-Praxis and Sustainable Environmental Development of Selected African Indigenous Churches: Towards Reimaging the Full Gospel of African Pentecostal Churches

Followed by a response by Patricia Ngwena

Parallel Session 3c
Chair: Sonntag, Ekkardt

Henderson, Erwin Samuel:
A Global Overview of the Covid-19 Crisis and an Ontological Theology Perspective

Akindolie, Akinwumi Ambrose & Adedibu, Babatunde Aderemi:
The ‘invisible enemy’ Covid-19 and the response of Aladura Churches in south west Nigeria

Parallel Session 3d
Chair: Gräb, Wilhelm

Forster, Dion A.:
American exceptionalism, conservative Evangelicalism, and their impact on the post-2030 development agenda among African Christianities

Muhoja, Mussa S.:
Islamic Revivalism, Pentecostalism, faith-based organizations mass media, healthcare, Tanzania

Parallel Session 3e
Chair: Juliane Stork

Mapitsa, Cosmo:
The Ever-Disappearing Role of ATR Values in Ecological Sustainability: The Case of Bolobedu in the Limpopo Province, South Africa

Kohon, Habila:
Religious Communities, Faith Leaders and Eco-violence in Nigeria


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Wed 09.06.2021, 11:30 – 13:00 CEST


Trotta, Susanna


Fischer, Lara


Kavusa, Dr. Jonathan


Awudi, Emmanuel


Henderson, Dr Erwin Samuel


Akindolie, Akinwumi Ambrose & Adedibu, Babatunde Aderemi


Forster, Prof. Dr. Dion A


Muhoja, Mussa S


Mapitsa, Cosmo


Kohon, Habila